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You asked. We delivered. Meet the supercharged new ProductPro 3.0. Shaped by your feedback (and our ongoing crusade to help Shopify merchants sell more, better.)

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Bulk Price Update

ProductPro subscribers can now update pricing for multiple products at once in the app!

To update pricing for multiple products, first visit the My products page in the app. Once there, use the checkboxes in the upper left hand corner of the product card to select the products you want to update pricing for.

Once the module loads, you’ll be presented with a few different ways to update the retail price of the selected products.

  • Set a single price – Give all selected product variants the same set price. (If the set price you apply is lower than the minimum allowable price of a product variant, the price will default to the MAP.)
  • Adjust by profit – Increase the retail price of all selected variants by the profit you’d like to make. This feature only accounts for the wholesale cost and does not include shipping costs. For example, if the wholesale cost is $10 and you set a $5 profit, the retail price will be updated to $15.
  • Adjust by margin – Set the retail price of all selected variants based on the profit margin you input. This feature only accounts for the wholesale cost and does not include shipping costs. For example, if the wholesale cost is $10 and you set a 50% profit margin, your selling price will be set at $15.

For a more in-depth tutorial on bulk price updates, visit our Help Center.

Inventory Filter

A new search filter has been added to help you only display results in the app that meet a certain inventory level. Check the image below for an example of the filter in action!


Shipping Cost Display

Shipping costs are now displayed on product cards in the app so you can quickly see all costs associated with a product.

Table View

You now have the ability to view a more concise view of the My products page in the app with our Table View. Check out an example of the table view below.


Over the past 60 days, we’ve added thousands of quality products and dozens of new suppliers to our most popular categories! Check out some of the featured products and suppliers we’ve added!

Customizable Products

The Customizable category in ProductPro is continually growing. Head over to the app and find new customizable products you can add your designs and artwork to:

  • Skateboards


  • Phone Cases, Journals, Towels & more!

Interested in seeing more customizable products available? Read all about them here.


Over 2,000 new fashion apparel & accessories added! 



New luxury and fashion jewelry! Handmade from vetted US vendors with fast shipping.



Explore our revamped electronics & accessories category stocked with new inventory and trending products!

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